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Paddler safety briefing


  • All paddlers must be able to swim a minimum 50m unaided in open water.

  • All paddlers, no matter what craft used, must wear a Level 50 or 50S non- inflatable life jacket that conforms with Australian standards.

  • Ski paddlers must be able to remount their craft without assistance.

  • One paddler of every Ski or SUP must wear a paddle leash or leg leash.

  • Paddle leashes and leg leash together are not permitted for Ski paddlers.

  • All kayak paddlers must use a paddle leash and are advised to wear a skirt.

  • Kayaks must have sealed compartments or additional buoyancy material fitted.

  • Equipment will be visually checked at the start and again as paddlers cross the finish line.

  • Non-compliance with the above will lead to instant disqualification from the race.

  • All competitors MUST GIVE WAY to commercial vessels.

  • Moored boats are on the course. Do not paddle through moored boats. Any craft paddling through moored boats to gain an advantage will be subject to a time penalty. The only exception to this rule is after passing back through the start line when proceeding to the finish flags located on the beach.


Race start/finish procedures


  • The start line will be off Tingira Reserve.

  • 10 MINUTE WARNING (3 short blasts of air horn): Paddlers complete warm-up and return to the beach, marshalling 10m behind the start line. Marshalls will call padders through the entry gate (two teardrop flags located on the beach) to check equipment and boat numbers. This will happen one start wave at a time: If you are not starting in the first wave, please wait until the wave ahead of you has started their race and await a signal from the marshals before approaching the entry gates for check-in.

  • 1 MINUTE WARNING (verbal given by Race Director over loud-hailer). Paddlers line up on the start line as directed by race marshals.

  • START: one blast of the air horn.

  • Starts commence in the following waves:

    • Long Course (Intermediate): 0750

    • Long Course (Competitive) 0755

    • Short Course: 0800

  • All paddlers must stand next to their own craft. Both feet must be on sand.

  • Doubles and OCs start 10m in front of single craft in their selected start wave.

  • Doubles can have one paddler sit in their craft.

  • Sea kayakers with spray skirts can sit in their craft.

  • Sit on-top kayakers must stand next to their craft.

  • Stand up paddlers can stand on or stand next to their own craft.

  • You must pass through the finish line flags to have a time recorded.



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