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Race course briefing directions

  1. Start off Tingira Reserve

  2. Turn at first Mark, “Shark Island”, buoy located 25m from the White Lighthouse to the North of Shark Island. KEEP BUOY ON YOUR RIGHT

  3. Proceed to Mark 2, “Steele Point”, located 50m NW of Steele Pt. KEEP BUOY ON YOUR RIGHT

  4. Proceed to Mark 3, “Bottle and Glass”, located 50m NE of Bottle & Glass Pt. KEEP BUOY ON YOUR RIGHT

  5. Proceed to Mark 4, “Village Point”, located 50m NE of Bottle & Glass Pt. 70m due North of Village Point.
    This is a turning mark, and if there are TWO buoys placed, make a 90 degree turn at each to head on the return leg.
    If only one buoy placed, TURN SAFELY CLOCKWISE and maintain 10-20m separation from outbound leg of the course. KEEP BUOY/S ON YOUR RIGHT.

  6. Return via “Bottle and Glass” and “Steele Point”. KEEP BUOYS ON YOUR RIGHT and stay well clear of the rocks.

  7. Short Course: head straight to finish line
    Long Course: round Mark 5, this is a turning mark,

  8. Proceed straight to Mark 2, “Steele Point”, not to Shark Island as in the first lap.   KEEP BUOY ON YOUR RIGHT

  9. Repeat course from Mark 2 as listed above.



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