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Its hard to write about paddling when half the country is on fire

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Its hard to write about paddling when half the country is on fire … And so as the new year starts and so many are doing it tough from the compellingly obvious fires charring Australia, consider donating to:

We all know how bad things are, so take the time to do your bit. It’s your community. Help out.

Back to paddling. Tis well acknowledged, the Shark Island Paddler’s Tingira Cup is the gold standard surf ski race in Australia, and probably the world. Good rumours hold that Hank McGregor will be in for Tingira this year…who can blame him… But between now and then there is a lot of racing and training to be done. Starting with the Makai Cup on the weekend of 8 February 2020.

As Paddle Australia state, the Makai Cup ‘will determine the National Champions for Canoe Ocean Racing for 2020 and will also serve as the selection event for athletes vying to be part of the Australian Team to attend the 2020 ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships in Portugal in September 2020.

It is expected that many from SIP in the Masters categories will receive a call up, and then pay up to represent their great country. And it’s a great pity that all those receiving a call up will also have to pay for their own tracksuit as well as their airfare. Of course I get it … money doesn’t grow on tress and if these trees did indeed exist they would have burnt down over the last couple of weeks along with every bloody thing else in rural Australia. Did I mention you should donate to the Rural Fire Service or the Australian Red Cross’s disaster, recovery and relief fund? You should…get on it.

And speaking of getting on it – this weekend will see the Perihelion Time Trial – truly the greatest TT of all time.

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