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Shark Island Paddlers

Rose Bay, Sydney

About SIP

Shark Island Paddlers (SIP) is a surf ski club based at Tingira Beach, Rose Bay.


Officially formed in 2010, the club promotes safe and inclusive paddling on Sydney Harbour through conducting a Saturday Morning Time Trial and hosting an annual race, The Tingira Challenge.


We are a friendly, adventurous crowd of around 60 paddlers who can think of nothing better than sharing a Saturday morning out on the harboor and enjoying a rewarding coffee after at the Sugar + Spoon café.  Come join us!

Time Trial (the "TT")

Every Saturday morning at 6:50 am sharp, the Shark Island Paddlers meet at Tingira Memorial Park Beach, Rose Bay, to take part in the 7:00 am Saturday Morning Time Trial.


Paddlers need to come along with their own boat, paddle and life jacket.

To participate, you place your name on the white board. By doing so, we can record your time and ensure you are accounted for after the race.


All paddlers then receive a race briefing on the course for the morning.  We have a map on the other side of the whiteboard so relax, you’ll know exactly where to go.


Over the years we have developed around 10 courses. We choose a course that takes advantage of the conditions on the day. You have the choice of either a short (six to eight kilometres) or long course (12 to 14 kilometres). The short course is a shortened version of the long course so relax again, there is always a paddler in sight on the course. We all look out for one another. 


We have an official timekeeper and your time trial result, and tracking against your prior time trial performances, will be available to you later in the day.


All paddlers then gather at Sugar + Spoon Café at Lyne Park for a well-deserved coffee!



To join the Shark Island Paddlers, you must be a member of PaddleNSW. The GoMembership portal provided by Paddle Australia is the platform to join or renew both your membership with the Shark Island Paddlers and PaddleNSW. The cost of SIP / PaddleNSW membership will appear on the online portal as you join our club.


Being a financial member of Shark Island Paddlers/PaddleNSW gives you insurance coverage in the unlikely event of an incident occurring during our Saturday Morning Time Trial. The added benefit is that you will be covered for all of your other paddling activities. 


Join Shark Island Paddlers/PaddleNSW through this GoMembership link.


Being a member brings the following benefits:


  • The recording and performance tracking of your Saturday morning Time Trial result via a voluntary roster system: a timekeeper will record, collate and publish via our Facebook page your result for the day.

  • Enjoyment of our subsidised social events, including the Annual Shark Island Paddler Awards Evening.

  • Peace of mind that you are insured, through your PaddleNSW membership, for all your paddling activities.

  • The company of like-minded, adventurous, ocean loving people!

Clothing and Merch!


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Adrian Cohen

President, Shark Island Paddlers

+61 418 253 333

Rob Conroy

Secretary, Shark Island Paddlers

+61 400 774 209

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